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I’m so sorry you guys I hate to have to start another donation thing but I really have to for the sake of my family. 

So about two - three months ago my family’s house burnt down. Leaving my mom, stepdad, and my brother and sister homeless. My brother is 6 and my sister is 4. My stepdad has a job but he only makes minimum wage and doesn’t work many hours so obviously he doesn’t make enough to support a family. They’ve been recycling cans to bring food home for the kids. 

I hate seeing my family like this but I can’t help by getting a job because I live in Las Vegas and it’s harder for minors to find work. So please I am desperate for help and I wouldn’t make a fund unless we really needed it. 

Please donate money here

If you live in the Riverside County area in California and can donate food or clothes please message me.

Any help is appreciated whether you can donate or not, please signal boost this post.

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